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Maintenance of homes & facilities

is More Than Just Maintaining Buildings. To ensure a safe, functional living environment for residents of the buildings they manage

tiles and floors

Whenever you want to build or maintain your own facility, you must choose the best skilled hands and floors, because that is one of the constants in every vital facility

Sterilization services

Leading provider of solutions in sterilization supply chain management; Providing sterilization services to medical device industry; .


We are ready to carry out electrical operations related to facilities, buildings and hotels, banks ... and others

Sanitary and plumbing work

We have cadres ready around the clock to deal with all sanitation and plumbing problems

Air conditioning

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The heating must be taken care of and maintained so that it is ready to work when it is needed

Windows and doors

We have a work team with great experience in implementing, maintaining and installing various types of windows, as well as doors

carpentry and furniture

When you build a must-have house, hire an accomplished carpenter, we have carpentry companies available for you

renovations and decoration Lifts

You have to choose the best after-service services in elevators, specifically, we provide you with this

blacksmithing and welding

One of them is the work that you do when building or maintaining facilities is blacksmithing and welding works, so we offer you the best

smart monitoring and control systems

You should follow up, maintain, and inspect your protection and surveillance systems, because they are the most important thing to protect your property

hardware maintenance

We provide you with regular maintenance for all your electrical appliances

Real Estate Evaluation

Are you looking for a real estate appraiser or appraiser for your property? Contact us

water and filter techniques

Water and purification systems are the most important thing to reduce your secondary costs, so seek help from us

painting and surface treatment

At the Golden Lines Company, we provide you with the best painting and insulation services, and our work proves that to you, in addition to annual and monthly contracts

insulation and moisture treatment

You must isolate from moisture in a durable and safe way

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