Department of solar panels or solar energy

Solar Energy

Solar System

Renewable energy

is the future of Jordan

a country that lacks hydrocarbon resources and imports about 96% of its energy needs. In statements to the Fanack Chronicle in August 2015, experts said that the Kingdom would not only completely depend on clean energy, but could also export solar energy to Europe, which is characterized by its cloudy skies.


Jordan enjoys 330 sunny days a year, according to engineer Ahmed Abu Sa`a, an official at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. His Excellency Dr. Munther Al-Shara, President of the Economic and Social Council, said that the solar radiation in the Al-Jafr region, in the Ma’an Governorate, which lies about 270 kilometers south of the capital, Amman, is the highest in all parts of the world. The economist and former minister adds that Jordan can make better use of this natural advantage of producing solar energy, exceeding its domestic needs and exporting the surplus to Europe.



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